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Most Wanted/ Bail Bond Recovery

Blevins Bail Bonding Most Wanted: Cash Rewards are offered for information leading to the capture of the Defendant.

All information/caller will remain 100% anonymous!

Call or Text: 336-609-1304

Greensboro, NC 

                                                                                        Gydeate Johnson

                                                                                        Greensboro, NC




Bail Bond Recovery & Enforcment

Our experienced Agents can also assist with bond recovery / fugitive recovery. If you have posted bond for someone that has decided not to make their court date, we will locate the individual and insure that they meet their obligations. Ask about our bond recovery services today!

 Now Licensed in Virginia / North Carolina to do (Bounty Hunting) Bail Enforcement!!! Call: 336-609-1304 

Do you have a defendant in Va? We can go get them for you and bring them back. Licensed as a Bounty Hunter In Virgina. Virgina Bail Enforcement Agent!

Fugitive Recovery